Weekly individual piano lessons are available in 30, 45, 60, or 90 minute lengths.

My goal is to help each student develop beautiful technique, self-awareness,

powerful practice skills, and creative expression.



Beginners through advanced levels, ages 5-18

  • Looking for an expert teacher who will motivate and inspire with positive energy?

  • Is your child starting lessons for the first time, and you want them to LOVE it?

  • Do you want to help your child make better progress AND enjoy learning?

  • Seeking better answers to practicing problems?

  • Want a music education that emphasizes both artistry and discipline?

  Students in my studio are excited about lesson time!  

  They love using music apps or practice toys for theory, composing,

   note reading or recording assignments ... so much, that sometimes they

   don't want the lesson to end!

      Personalized study plans for musical achievement!

       Lessons include a complete curriculum of:

  • theory & ear-training

  • scales, technique exercises & etudes

  • repertoire selected from all eras of classical music


  • View Studio Policy for more info.



  For Intermediate & Advanced levels interested in technical and musical improvement.

  Pursue your creative passion!  

  • Do you love to play, and want some guidance with learning new pieces and how to practice?

  • Want to improve your technique and physical connection to the instrument? 

  • Are you looking for solutions to tension or pain?

  • Do you feel like something is blocking your ability to play better or make progress?

  • Is anxiety and nervousness preventing you from playing your best?

  • Seeking a deeper understanding of the music, or how to unlock the secrets of interpretation and expression?

Lessons can be tailored to address any of these questions & more -

while learning the classical music you love!


Lesson Enhancements

There are many special opportunities included throughout the year:


View the Studio Calendar for upcoming events.



I love incorporating technology into lessons and practice!


I'll show students how to use their mobile device (especially iPhone & iPad) to:


  • practice with a metronome App


  • make audio & video recordings for practice and performance


  • use iCloud & YouTube to create shared video streams


  • use a music journal App to log and track daily practice



  • play fun rhythm, note reading, ear training, and theory games



  • Plus more!  Learn about some of my favorites on the Music Apps page.


FaceTime, Skype, or Recorded Video lessons!


  You don't have to miss a lesson when:

  • a student (or parent) is sick or contagious and should stay home.

  • there's a snow storm or other weather emergency, and driving is hazardous.

  • you're traveling or going on vacation and can't attend your scheduled lesson time. Just send video recordings to me before you leave, and receive my instruction in a video response during your lesson time, so it will be available for you when you get back.



BEGINNER (youth)

You are:

  • A very beginner (at least 5 yrs old) or have had less than 1 year of lessons

  • Able to listen to & follow directions, focus attention, and complete tasks

  • Able to count and to draw numbers and letters

  • Able to sit in a lesson for 30 minutes (we'll have a few breaks!)

  • Ready to practice at home with a parent about 15-20 minutes daily



You are:

  • Age 7 or older, and have had 1-2 years of lessons

  • Able to identify and count basic rhythms in music

  • Able to identify and play notes on the Treble & Bass staffs

  • Able to play pieces similar to those in the Celebration Series, Levels Prep - 2

  • Ready to practice at home, with some parent help, about 30 minutes daily

INTERMEDIATE  (youth & adult)

You are:

  • Already able to read music

  • Continuing lessons and have studied for 2 or more years with another teacher

  • Able to practice about 45 minutes daily, independently

  • Able to play pieces similar to the Celebration Series Levels 3-7


ADVANCED  (youth & adult)

You are:

  • Continuing lessons, and have already had several years of study

  • Ready to play longer, more challenging pieces

  • Seriously interested in improving yourself technically and musically

  • Able to practice 1 hour or more daily

  • Able to play repertoire equal to or above the Celebration Series Level 8 - 10




The studio's Pond-side location in Jamaica Plain is convenient to many neighborhoods:

Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, Dedham, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Milton, Newton, Roslindale, Roxbury, Watertown, 

West Roxbury, Quincy.

View the map, address & transit info HERE.

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