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My teaching approach is to ...


  • FOSTER a love of learning, creativity, personal expression and artistic excellence.

  • Introduce students to DIVERSE and INCLUSIVE piano literature that represents women, people of color, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ musicians in classical music.  I want them to discover the excitement, beauty and enjoyment of playing classical music that represents ALL of our history.

  • EMPOWER students with practice strategies and problem-solving skills, so they can experience progress and enjoyment from mastering challenges.  I want students to  leave the lesson thinking: "I CAN do it!"

  • Set HIGH STANDARDS and challenge students to increase focus and discipline.

  • ENCOURAGE each student to strive for personal excellence, to always do their best, and realize their OWN potential. 

  • COMMUNICATE and set individual goals and expectations effectively.

  • Be very PATIENT and supportive.

  • Emphasize QUALITY over quantity or speed.

  • DEVELOP a student's critical listening skills and self-awareness.


  • Promote PROPER TECHNIQUE to support healthy practice and greater expressive ability. 


  • Model effective and positive PERFORMANCE PRACTICE, and encourage students to share & grow their talent  through performance.

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