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2024 Summer Registration
DUE:  May 15

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FULL TERM  2024-25

Priority Registration

DUE:   June 1

contact me for availability

2024 - 2025  STUDIO POLICY (excerpt)


LESSON REGISTRATION is divided into two terms:   

Full Term:  September-June    

Summer Term:  June-August

TUITION     Please CONTACT ME for current rates.


FULL TERM:   September - June

Tuition includes 32 lessons for the Full Term of 10 months. 

Tuition is charged by the term, billed as 10 monthly installments.   The 10-month payment plan provides students with an easy way to evenly disburse the total cost of lessons over the term. 

Payment stays the same regardless of the number of lessons a student actually receives in a single month.   

Tuition is pro-rated when:  Students begin lessons mid-term, or change their lesson length mid-term. 

Tuition is always due before or by the 1st of each month.



  • 32 Private Lessons for the Full Term (September-June)

  • An exclusive weekly lesson time, reserved for the year

  • Piano Performance Parties

  • Group Lessons/Workshops

  • Studio Recitals

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Student Evaluations

  • Lesson enhancements with technology

Tuition also reflects my professional training and experience, the amount of detailed preparation I put into lesson plans, piano maintenance and studio expenses, as well as continuing education, research, and professional memberships which enhance my level of teaching and provide local, national and international opportunities for my students. 


INDIVIDUAL LESSON RATES      Please CONTACT ME for more information.

SUMMER TERM:  June - July - August

The number of lessons for Summer Term are determined on an individual basis, and the schedule is flexible to accommodate vacation time.

TUITION is calculated with the Individual Lesson Rate.  (CONTACT ME for current rates)

Payment for the total Summer Term is due before or by June 1st or July 1st, and lessons are reserved only when tuition is received.

PAYMENT of monthly tuition is due in full before or by the 1st of each month.  

Parents/Students are expected to be responsible for following the payment schedule and making payments on time.  

Payment methods accepted:  Paypal,  Venmo,  Apple Pay


Late tuition payments will be charged a $10.00 late fee if not received by the close of the due date.  Tuition that is late by 7 days or more will be charged an additional $15 late fee.  After 7 days, if payment has not been received, the student's place in the studio will be suspended, and lessons cannot resume until the balance plus the late fee is paid in full.


Lessons are non-refundable.  A few weeks are reserved at the end of the Full Term for the teacher to give make-up lessons for any excused absences.  There are no excused absences or make-up lessons during Summer Term.

Studio Policy
Individual Lesson Rates
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