student, age 18

"Thank you for the last 11 years of teaching me!  Music is a very special part of my life - Music is a part of who I am.  You have given me so much inspiration to continue making music for the rest of my life.  I cannot thank you enough for that incredible gift!"

student, age 7

"What I enjoy the most is that I am improving, and also there are fun activities.  I enjoy all the music I practice and the lessons very much too!"

student, age 13

"I have learned and accomplished so much with your guidance & encouragement.

Not only piano skills, but also

valuable life skills that will help me a lot

in the future."

student, age 17

"Playing piano continues to be a source of rejuvenation for me, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me grow as a pianist and as a musician.  Because of your care and attention, I'm able to play pieces that I really connect with, and you teach me not only to play the piano with accuracy, but to play it with emotion."

Parent of two students

"My 5 and 7 year old children have been taking piano lessons with Heather since the summer of 2016. They loved Heather from their first meeting and continue to look forward to their piano classes each week. Heather is kind, understanding and patient.

She has high expectations of her students and

encourages them to be precise and thoughtful in their playing. Her teaching method combines a healthy balance of technique and musical expression, ensuring that students develop good practice habits and discipline to support their joy of music. 

One of the things I like most about Heather's teaching is her use of children's natural tendency to learn through playful, tactile experiences. Her teaching methods build on these tendencies and use them to develop musical skills. 

It is evident that Heather loves teaching and is motivated to get to know each student individually in order to engage and challenge them in ways that fit their specific interests and abilities. 

Heather is one of the most thoughtful and organized teachers I have come across. She is skillful, dedicated and welcoming. I would whole-heartedly recommend Heather to anyone who is looking for a piano teacher."

Parent of 5 year old

"Our 5 year old son takes piano lessons from Ms. Riley and his progress as a young musician has far surpassed our expectations.  

She has high but realistic standards that are developmentally appropriate for her students.

She communicates her expectations very clearly and kindly.  She is a very talented teacher and musician and we recommend her highly."

Parent of 8 year old

"You are a wonderful teacher!!!  We admire your teaching skills and organizational skills.

Thank you so much for helping our daughter learn piano in a fun and loving way."