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Nancy O'Neill Breth - Effective Practicing Videos

Nancy's YouTube channel is full of bite-size practice tips on a wide range of topics, designed to help you break down and master problems with targeted strategies.

The Bulletproof Musician

One of my most favorite music blogs of all time!

Excellent advice and insights for students & musicians on how to overcome stage fright, performance anxiety, practicing pitfalls, and other blocks to peak performance.


Performance psychologist and Juilliard graduate Dr. Noa Kageyama teaches musicians what it takes to rise above the nerves, distractions, and pressures of a performance, and when the moment of truth arrives, play the way you know you can.

Free articles, practice hacks, online coaching & more.

Vanessa Cornett

I love her book (Mindful Musician: Mental Skills for Peak Performance) and have also been following her on Instagram @mindfulmusician.vanessacornett.

She shares inspiring posts about mindfulness, performance, anxiety/stress, music, art, and life.  

For more visit:

Jason Haaheim,
Principal Timpanist, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

His blog is one of my new favorites and I highly recommend it!  His articles about practicing, learning, concentration, and progress are inspiring, humorous, and inspirational .

I love Jason's ethos and philosophy about studying music, specifically that of "deliberate practice":  "The concept of efficient and effective practicing..." which is at the foundation of everything I teach my students too!


He encourages "students to employ its [deliberate practice] most essential attributes; these include continuous “feedback loops” achieved through self-recording, extensive analysis, and playing for others who don’t play your instrument ... that mistakes are natural, and that “failure” should be embraced and reframed as "ongoing constructive growth." "

One of my top two favorite online stores for purchasing piano music.  Free shipping! Great prices & member discounts (joining is free)!   I often email parents a "shopping cart" list of music conveniently linked to the website for fast & easy purchases.

My other favorite online store for purchasing piano music.  They offer monthly specials, seasonal discounts, and bulk budget shipping too.

The Royal Conservatory of Music

Many of my students participate in their certificate exam program every year!  It provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels.  The Program inspires excellence through individual student assessments (exams) and allows students to celebrate accomplishments and track their progress with others across the country.  Curriculum covers a wide range of repertoire, technique studies, ear training, sight-reading and theory.

Piano Technicians Guild


Shopping for an instrument?  Need to find a piano tuner?  Questions about piano maintenance?   This site will help you find all the registered technicians in your area, plus lots of helpful tips and resources!

Music Espresso

For those times when you want a real brick & mortar store!  Find it at 33 Gainsborough Street in Boston, across the street from New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall. They have sheet music  metronomes, flash cards, books and other supplies.  They also take orders over the phone, and will mail the music to you at home!

These sites have all kinds of fun music themed supplies, educational books and tools, accessories and gifts, including music bags and folders.

The Collaborative Piano Blog

The Collaborative Piano Blog is a site that looks at the art of the piano in ensemble, various piano-related resources and events, the world of classical music, music education, and how to put it all together through technology.  Posts cover topics in careers, practicing and performing, musical development, piano pedagogy, and more.  I met Chris through the Royal Conservatory of Music - not only is he a really nice person, he has outstanding musical AND entrepreneurial skills! provides necessary tools for making smart decisions and choices about majoring in music and establishing a viable career in music. 

The website is specifically designed to meet the needs of students, parents, music educators, and college counselors. is also a unique portal through which key information about music schools, summer music programs, and relevant music resources can be easily accessed - like showcasing a host of careers in music in addition to the ones most commonly considered (performing and teaching).

Piano Buyer ​

Website & book by Larry Fine.  A free, definitive piano buying guide.  It "will help you make a fast, informed decision concerning the purchase" of a new, used, or restored piano.  Features: database of pianos, articles, references, links to local discounts and businesses.

From the Top

Watch & listen to some amazing young performers!  This NPR/PBS program is a showcase for some of America's best young musicians.  Hosted by Christopher O'Riley, From the Top shares the stories and performances of talented pre-collegiate musicians and provides a compelling and entertaining window into a world of young people who pursue life with passion, determination, and joy.

Arts Boston

Greater Boston's guide to arts and culture.  Search for a variety of upcoming  music concerts, theater, dance, and more.

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

A journal and blog of the classical music scene in Boston. 

Enlightening articles, reviews and - my favorite! -an in-depth CALENDAR of upcoming events and concerts in the Boston area!