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Available on:  Zoom, FaceTime, or recorded video.


Need to know:

Benefits of Online Lessons:

  • SAFE!

Stay in the safety of your home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and protect the health of you, your family and your teacher!  Also removes the stress of wearing a mask, social distancing, and disinfecting.

  • Same, high quality instruction.

My goal  - whether giving studio lessons OR online lessons - is always to help each student develop beautiful technique, self-awareness, powerful practice skills, and creative expression.

  •  Convenient & time-saving.

No commuting!  And, with that extra time you saved from not driving, you'll be able to start lessons earlier, practice right before or after your lesson, and be able to transition efficiently to/from your lesson and other tasks.

  •  Flexible & easy.

You can literally have a lesson from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an instrument!  With options to take either a live lesson or a recorded lesson, it's easy to:  

-  practice safe social distancing

-  stay home if the student or a family member is sick

-  receive a lesson while traveling or when you have a school/work conflict

-  stay home during hazardous weather conditions

  • Comfortable.

You get to use your own piano for the lesson, in the comfort of familiar surroundings.  Wear some comfy clothes and slippers, too, if you feel like it!

  •  Asynchronous option:

Not able to meet online in real-time?  Make it a recorded lesson! 

- Record videos of your playing;

- Upload to a shared album;

- During your scheduled lesson time, the teacher will watch your videos, and create written and video instruction to send back to you!

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