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Quality, consistent practice is a necessary component of


in all music study!

I teach students HOW to practice, and I set clear expectations and goals 

to help them achieve successful practice.


I expect students to practice 5-6 days every week, and to practice the amount of time it takes

to work on assignments correctly, with attention to quality.


Choosing to take piano lessons = choosing to make practice a priority!


It isn't enough to just attend the lesson - 

Learning piano requires daily, committed practice to apply, develop and master

all the skills learned at the lesson. 

For Students age 5-18:
Extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama, dance, gymnastic, etc. are NOT considered valid excuses
for not practicing on a regular basis.


Students AND parents should be clear about their readiness to make the necessary time commitment

that is required for piano practice.

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Tools & guides to support mindful, productive practice!

Find more on:  Books & Articles page

Practice Tips

8 Tips to Build Excellent Habits and Enjoy Practice!

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