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Teacher-Student Match

The First Note

The teacher-student match is an important element of happy, successful music making!


Taking time to find out if personalities, styles, expectations and goals will be compatable should be the first step.

Read my Teaching Philosophy.


I always set up an interview with potential students, before any commitment is made, so we can get to know each other a little, answer questions, and see if we'll be a good match.


In Harmony

Values of trust, responsibility, committment, motivation, and communication define a healthy teacher-student relationship.  


Learn more about Practice Expectations and Performance in my studio.


Sharing common expectations and values helps set the stage for fun and exciting lessons!

The Future Sounds Good

As students grow and change, continuing to re-evaluate goals and expectations each year is a vital process in the relationship.

As your teacher, I want to ensure we maintain a positive learning environment.


 But it's not just up to me!  Music study is not a one-way street.


For young students, I view it as an equilateral triangle, with Teacher, Student and Parent working equally together in partnership.

For adult students, it is a side-by-side collaboration, with vital input on both sides.


To foster this partnership, twice a year I take time with each student for:

  • Student Conferences: Mid-year we assess practice and lesson progress, and identify improvements to make.

  • Evaluation day (for youth): In June, I share progress report cards, we review the year, and make plans for next year.


Want to find out if we'll be a good match? 

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